Chocolate Drinking Elixirs


Described as a kind of "time-traveling" for the palette, these craft chocolate drinking elixirs are full of depth and richness crafted from tried and true recipes that are based on traditional methods across a variety of cultures and histories.

The Elixirs

  • 1790 Jeffersonian -  Representative of the historic drinking chocolate of the American colonies from the early 1700s to the mid-1800s, this semisweet chocolate is the essence of delicious flavor simplicity.  Thomas Jefferson was first introduced to sipping chocolates in the French Court where he served as the American Ambassador and frequently flavored it with his favorite spice, Nutmeg.  Ingredients: 70% Chocolate, Organic Evaporated Can Juice, Nutmeg, Vanilla.
  • Mayan Full Spice - Throughout Mesoamerica chocolate was mixed with water, usually unsweetened, and made into a highly spiced, rich and aromatic drink. This bittersweet elixir represents these deep complex flavors that blossom on the palate, excite the taste buds, and linger in the finish. Ingredients: Unsweetened 100% Chocolate, Coconut Sugar, Herbs, Flowers, Nuts, Spices, Chihuacle Negro Chili and Mexican Vanilla.
  • 1775 Marie Antoinette - Representative of the historic drinking chocolate of the French court of Versailles during the reign of Marie Antoinette from the mid-1770s to 1790s. Marie brought her own recipe for drinking chocolate with her from Vienna to the Royal Court of France and favored Orange Blossom water. Ingredients: 70% Chocolate, Orange Blossom Water, Organic evaporated cane juice, Ceylon Cinnamon, Vanilla and Culinary Orange Blossom Essential Oil. 
  • Chili - Throughout Mesoamerica, the addition of chili to food and drink (including chocolate) was, and still is, culturally popular. The temperature of chilies can be mild - to blisteringly hot. They carry the flavors of sweet, citrus, fresh or dried fruit and range from earthy, tobacco-like, spicy or pungent. Chili Chocolate Elixir is the quintessential example of luscious flavor simplicity. This is bittersweet chocolate highlighted with chili fruit overtones and a slow wonderful burn. Ingredients:100% Unsweetened Chocolate, Agave Nectar, Ancho Chili, and Vanilla.
  • American - Kakawa's best-selling American elixir provides a rich, deep, long-lasting uplifting chocolate experience using some of the best dark chocolate in the world. Allow the full complex flavors of real chocolate to nurture your soul and provide an antidote to the weight of life. Made in house with unsweetened organic almond milk. Ingredients: 70% Dark Chocolate, Evaporated Cane Juice, Madagascar Vanilla.
  • Tzul - With a rich mix of dark chocolate and caramelized milk chocolate the deep notes of creamy caramel and a five-spice blend evoke memories of winter walks and Pinon fires in Santa Fe. Tzul (The Mayan word for dog) was created by Kakawa chocolatiers to benefit the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane society; with a portion of each purchase going to this worthy cause. In house prepared with unsweetened organic almond milk. Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (Cacao Beans, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin), Caramelized Milk Chocolate (Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Caramel (skimmed milk, why, sugar, butter), Whole Milk powder, Cacao Beans, Soy Lecithin), Mexican Vanilla, Organic Spice Blend.
  • Havana Rum - Originally created for a special Tropical Havana Art event and later authenticated by a native Cuban chef! A special favorite! Blended in house with unsweetened organic almond milk. Ingredients: 70% Chocolate, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Rum (*Alcohol cooked off), Orange Zest, Canela, Cinnamon, and Vanilla.
  • 1666 Italian Citrus - Representative of the historic drinking chocolate of the extravagant Italian court of Tuscany from the 1660s to the late 1700s. Francesco Redi, a scientist, poet, physician and apothecary to Cosimo III de' Medici, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, created several perfumed additions to chocolate including this one which has fresh citrus zest. It is a deep, mysterious and bright flavored chocolate. Traditionally made with water. Ingredients: 70% Chocolate, Lemon & Orange zest, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Ceylon Cinnamon & Vanilla.
  • Coconut Hibiscus - One of our newest creations this has tropical overtones in a rich deep dark chocolate. Nutty almond is paired with coconut and the lemony-tart and berry rich flavor of hibiscus. A tangy blend of pure 100% Unsweetened Chocolate, Coconut sugar, Hibiscus Flowers, Almond flour, Coconut, Almond and Vanilla. No dairy products, soy or salt.



Each elixir package makes six 3oz drinks.

Traditional elixir sipping cup sold separately. 

Directions: Mix 2 Tablespoons of granules with 3 oz. hot but not boiling water and froth. Adjust the amount of water or chocolate to reach desired consistency. Refrigerate any leftover drink for up to two weeks.


Kakawa is an artisanal chocolate shop founded in 2005. Promoting the history and anthropology of chocolate, they balance the traditional with the cutting edge, creating unique and exquisitely bold creations from fresh and seasonal ingredients. 

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